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American Plastic Lumber
Premium HDPE
American Plastic Lumber HDPE custom-engineered extruded shapes are manufactured from purified blends of post consumer, post industrial and/or virgin HDPE (high density polyethylene) base resins. Additional proprietary additives are compounded into each product to meet customer specifications for color, strength and stiffness.
    ■ Manufactured to tolerances specified by customers.
    ■ Material is easily machined with tools appropriate for working with real wood.
    ■ Essentially maintenance free, with exceptional resistance to moisture, fading, insects, splintering, warping and other hazards of environmental exposure common to wood or wood fiber composite products.
    ■ Requires no waterproofing, staining or other recurring maintenance. The material is easily cleaned with an occasional washing with soap and water.
    ■ Manufactured with color stabilizing UV pigment systems that resist breakdown from prolonged sun and weather exposure. American Plastic Lumber HDPE retains its new look for years.
    ■ It is possible that the material may fade slightly over the service life of the product. However, the fading is minimal compared to most wood and wood composite products that contain wood fibers that fade quickly to a weathered gray color when exposed to the elements.
Property ASTM
Units Value
Specific Gravity D6111 Lbs cubic in 0.0216-0.0275*
Water Absorption D570 % < 0.1
Modulus D6109-03 Psi 117,000
Secant Modulus 2.1% Strain D6109-03 Psi 86,000
Stress @ 3% Strain D6109-03 Psi 1,598,000
Coefficient of Linear Expansion D6341-98 In/in ° f 0.000064
Screw Withdrawal D6117-97 Pounds force 703
* Lower density may occur in larger cross sections
** Testing performed on samples of 2"x6" nominal size

    These products have greater impact resistance than wood but are less rigid. Prior to use, a thorough design engineering study should be performed to determine the suitability of American Plastic Lumber HDPE for your non-structural application. Material characteristics are similar to wood; normal woodworking tools can be used during product fabrication. One should be advised that transforming the product by drilling holes or routing its edges may alter the material's strength and integrity. Normal safety precautions must be used when handling and fabricating the product including the use of protective eyewear, dusk masks and gloves. (See MSDS sheet for more details) American Plastic Lumber HDPE products have an inherently greater coefficient of thermal expansion than stiffer wood products. When designing your application, an accommodation must be made to allow for this expected expansion and contraction over the length and width of the product.
    In certain weather conditions, it is possible to experience the effects of static electricity with American Plastic Lumber HDPE material, especially when the material is new. This is similar to the static shocks experienced when walking across a carpet in dry weather and touching a metal doorknob. We do not warrant against static electricity, as it is a natural phenomenon and not a sign of a product defect.
    As with any exterior surface material, winter conditions can make an American Plastic Lumber HDPE surface slippery with frost or snow. Fortunately, it is completely safe to use rock salt or other melting agents on American Plastic Lumber HDPE without damaging the material.
    American Plastic Lumber HDPE is well suited for exterior applications where quality appearance, reinforcing properties and superior weather resistance are required. American Plastic Lumber HDPE maintains its color stability and surface finish over its entire useful service life, and never needs to be sealed, painted or stained.
    American Plastic Lumber HDPE is used by a number of commercial applications and industries including casual furniture, site amenities, playground equipment, agricultural materials, spa & pool products, golf course amenities, marine applications and more.
    The manufacturer of the American Plastic Lumber HDPE product offers a limited warranty that this product will not rot, splinter, decay or suffer structural damage directly from termites or fungal decay under normal use. American Plastic Lumber does not recommend or approve this product for all end use applications. The appropriate national and local code authorities should be consulted for safety, suitability and applicability for intended use prior to purchasing product.
    (See Full Warranty Details)
    This guideline and summary is intended to provide the distributor, installer and end user with basic guidelines and technical specifications for designing and properly installing the American Plastic Lumber HDPE products. However, the finished product manufacturer, installer and/or purchaser are solely responsible for interpreting specific job conditions, and determining the engineering design and suitability of end use and application of any American Plastic Lumber HDPE product. Adherence to applicable building and safety codes for specific locations and applications of this product are the sole responsibility of the installer and/or purchaser. In no event shall American Plastic Lumber, the manufacturer of the American Plastic Lumber HDPE products, be liable for labor, installation, and re-installation or for any indirect, punitive, exemplary or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever from the provision of this information.